What Are the benefits of having a cash flow atm in my business?

  • Cash Flow ATMs is a full service ATM business, including: installation, maintenance, and refilling ATMs provided by a trained professional. We keep all services included so you can be completely hands off.
  • Cash Flow ATMs are 100% free to place and run inside your business. We even pay you a portion of our profits from each transaction made!

Will having an atm in my business cost me anything?

  • Absolutely not! We have professionals that will install the ATM for you, refill the cash your customers need, and we even use our own WIFI system for the machines so that our ATMs are working better than ever.
  • The only thing that it will cost is a small bit of your time for consultation, installation, and about 4 sq ft of space for the machine. 

is having an atm in my business worth it, even if my business is not cash only?

  • Of course! You may not know but studies show that people that have cash on them, typically spend about 15% more in your business. 
  • Having an ATM in your business will not only be a huge convenience to your customers in need of cash, but will also bring in customers that may not initially be looking to invest in your business. 
  • The more cash transactions your business brings in, the less you may have to claim on taxes, come that time of the year, meaning more money in your pocket!
  • A very interesting idea that Cash Flow ATMs has developed is the integration of Cash Incentives (if your business is compatible). Cash Incentives is the idea of listing the items or services in your business at a higher price than it is currently, and then running a "SALE" at the original price, stating that if cash is used as payment, the customer will receive the "LOWER" price or the original listed price of the item or service. This works especially well on small businesses that provide a service. Customers always love to feel that they are receiving a "DEAL". If you have questions about this, contact us to get clarification over the phone or email!

what are the requirements for placing an atm in my business?

  • If you are interested in placing a Cash Flow ATM in your business, a few simple steps will be taken to ensure you meet the requirements necessary. 
  • The desired location for the machine will need to be in our service area. (Sacramento City and some surrounding cities), as well as the location passing our basic safety and security guidelines.
  • Adequate foot traffic is a major qualification
  • A phone or in person consultation will have to be scheduled in order to finalize a Cash Flow ATM placement in your business. 
  • Once we have that complete, it will be approximately 2 weeks to get an ATM into your location, installed, running and ready for your customers to use.