Frequently Asked Questions

My company accepts credit cards - Is it still worthwhile to place an ATM machine?

Absolutely! ATMs are not merely just a method of providing people with cash. ATMs are also a marketing platform that drive customers into your business. More foot traffic for your business means more profits for you! Based on statistics, customers spend 15% more money in the business the ATM machine is placed when using cash versus other methods of payment.  This can increase your profits by as much as 50%. Thats worthwhile right there! 

Are there any charges/hidden fees for my ATM placement?

Absolutely not! All aspects of Cash Flow ATMs basic services are provided absolutely free of charge. There is no charge for setting up, operating or advertising with any ATM machine on any business property. 

How do I load my ATM?

Any business that has a Cash Flow ATM will not be expected to handle the process of loading the machine. Each ATM is loaded by a trained professional on a regular basis. This saves you time as a business owner and is a guarantee that you make profit! 

How can I benefit from an ATM?

0% Investment - 100% profit is all you will be looking at when placing a Cash Flow ATM in your business. Of course you are thinking of additional costs to having one but with Cash Flow ATM's there is no hidden fees/charges. Not to mention we pay YOU $200 if you subscribe and contact us to let us know that you are interested in placing an ATM. Not only that but we also give you 25% of the profit from our machines. More foot traffic = more $$ back into your own business.

Local Focus - We are locally based in sacramento and know that it is important to help businesses in our area and that is our plan. We want to help you and your business grow! With the additional cash purchases and foot traffic coming to use our machines that means more money in your pocket!

Retain your Customers - Believe it or not many of your customers want convenient access to cash. Most customers who need an ATM will not ask you if you have one, they will just go elsewhere to find one. This is why businesses do not know they may be losing potential customers. 

What if there is a problem with the ATM?

Cash Flow ATMs handles all maintenance and repairs to our machines at absolutely no cost to the business owner. We use only the most professional service providers when doing so. We keep our machines working properly, secure, and clean because we know how important presentation is in a business. If there are any problems with the ATM, contact us asap so we can get to your location to fix it. 

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What are the requirements for free ATM placement?

Qualifying for one of our ATM machines to be placed at your location is very simple. If the desired location for the ATM is within our service area (Sacramento California), just contact us and we will schedule a free consultation at your location. If your premises have adequate foot traffic and passes our basic Safety and Security guidelines, please call 951.897.4437 to set up an appointment.