Why Choose Cash Flow ATMs?

100% Profit

- 25% of the profits from our ATM machines go back to you, the business owner, as a huge THANK YOU for choosing us. 

- You get $200 within the first month just by subscribing and contacting us letting us know you want one of our ATM's in your business!

- Not to mention a majority of the cash withdrawn from our ATM will be spent inside your business! Customers typically spend about 15% more money when using cash versus other payment methods. 

Free Installation

- As a business owner, you have better things to take care of than dealing with an installation of a machine let alone paying for it! We got you covered! All installations of our machines are 100% free!

- Installs are only done during your normal business hours so no worrying about leaving a key, coming in early, annoying communication errors or any other concerns.

No Maintenance on your end!

- As an ATM business we will provide all of the maintenance of our ATM machines free of charge!

- All maintenance will only be done during your normal business hours so no hassle there. (Unless otherwise stated by business owner)

-ANY problems? Call us ASAP and we will be there to handle it and make sure you and your customers are 100% taken care of.

Remember! Get $200 profit when you subscribe and contact us about having an ATM in your business!

Get $200 Free!